Brain Aneurysms

Successful Treatment Depends on Successful Diagnosis


Successful Treatment Depends on Successful Diagnosis

“Me and my family are truly grateful for Dr. Abdulrauf’s skill and ability to give me back my life.”

– Marcella Mitchell

What Is a Brain Aneurysms?

A brain (also known as intracranial or cerebral) aneurysm is ballooning (blister-like formation) at a specific point on an artery, usually at a branch point. The ballooning leads to stretching the wall and that can cause rupture (meaning bleeding) of the aneurysm. Once an aneurysm bleeds (ruptured aneurysm) it can be a life-threatening problem. Many people are also discovered to have an aneurysm before it has bled (unruptured aneurysm).


How prevalent is the problem? About 1-5% of people have brain aneurysms. Factors that can increase the risk of having an aneurysm include tobacco usage, high blood pressure, and ethnic/genetic predisposition (more common in Asian and Finnish populations). Aneurysms are more common in women when compared to men (3 to 2 ratio). They are more common in the elderly. They are quite rare in children.

Treatment Options

The outcome of the patient is far better if the aneurysm is diagnosed before it ruptures (unruptured) versus if it is diagnosed after it has ruptured (ruptured aneurysm).

The goal of treatment is to exclude the aneurysm from the circulation, meaning closing off blood flow into the aneurysm. This can be achieved by one of two options: 1) Microsurgery (open surgery) to place a titanium clip across the neck of the aneurysm Or 2) Endovascular: by using a catheter placed in an artery in the groin and advancing into the brain arteries and then placing titanium coils inside the aneurysm. Which is the best treatment? It is case-specific. It depends on the aneurysm size, location, and type as well as the patient’s age and medical condition

Our Patient Success Stories

I had a stroke in Oct. 2013 and had an MRI which revealed a 9mm brain aneurysm. My primary Dr. referred me to SLU and after my testing, Dr. Abdulrauf took over my care. I felt confident after talking with .Dr. Abdulrauf and his team my surgery would be successful. I had surgery Dec. 27- 2013 and the surgery was a great success, Dr. Abdulrauf was very caring and addressed all my families concerns and questions before and after surgery. This is Feb. 2014 and I am back to work and feel great. Me and my family are truly grateful for Dr. Abdulrauf's skill and ability to give me back my life. I feel I could not have received better results and care. I think Dr. Abdulrauf is the best brain surgeon in the country. Thank you so much.

– Marcella Mitchell


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