Dr. Saleem Abdulrauf

World Renowned Neurosurgeon

The Abdulrauf Institute of Neurosurgery™ connects patients with the world’s top super-specialized neurosurgeons – treating a full spectrum of brain diseases.

Dr. Saleem Abdulrauf

World Renowned Neurosurgeon

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World Renowned Neurosurgeon

Dr. Saleem I. Abdulrauf is the Founding Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at Saint Louis University, St. Louis, USA. He is considered a leading figure in the field of neurosurgery. He has served as a visiting professor to over 100 universities around the globe. He has authored the main reference textbook for brain bypass surgery titled “Cerebral Revascularization” in which Dr. Abdulrauf details extra-cranial to intracranial bypass surgery. Additionally, he has pioneered a procedure for brain bypass surgery that is named after him.

About Dr. Abdulrauf

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Abdulrauf has dedicated his career to improving the treatment of the following diseases. He is recognized by neurosurgeons around the world as an expert in treating these diseases. His outcomes in treating these diseases are ranked amongst the highest in the world.

Brain Aneurysm

A brain aneurysm is a balloon-like formation on an artery, usually at a branch point. The outcome of the patient is far better if the aneurysm is diagnosed before it ruptures.

Brain Arterio-Venous-Malformation

An AVM is an abnormal tangle of blood vessels that can occur in the brain. These tangles should be discovered before bleeding occurs if possible. Several options are available for treatment.


Meningiomas are tumors that arise from a covering the brain that sometimes results in compression with accompanying symptoms. Not all Meningioma requires surgery.

Pituitary Tumors

The pea-sized pituitary gland acts as a key regulator of hormone-producing glands. Treatment of pituitary tumors can involve medicine and or surgery depending on the relationship of the tumor to surrounding tissue.

Moyamoya Disease

Japanese for puff of smoke, “moyamoya”  disease is a disorder in which small arteries at the base of the brain progressively become blocked which can result in the development of strokes in the patient. 

EC-IC Bypass

Extracranial to intracranial (EC-IC) bypass is a procedure to increase or replace the blood flow to the brain. The main reasons for doing this procedure is for the treatment of Moyamoya Disease) Or for the treatment of complex/giant brain aneurysms.


Our Patients, Our Privilege

Driven by the desire to improve the quality of life of his patients – Professor. Abdulrauf has dedicated his life to improving outcomes in neurosurgery. As he regularly reminds his students:

“There is no greater honor nor privilege than someone entrusting their life to you, allowing you to do Surgery on their Brain”

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Saleem I. Abdulrauf, MD, FACS

 Pioneer of the Abdulrauf bypass technique, Dr. Abdulrauf has dedicated his life to improving outcomes in the field of neurosurgery. Both his patients as well as patients around the world have benefited from the improvements his techniques provide. Learn more about Dr. Saleem I. Abdulrauf below.


Paving The Way

Dr. Abdulrauf is a big believer in community. His experience and innovative techniques have put him in a unique situation to contribute and provide leadership to neurosurgical societies. He presently serves the following organizations:

Media & Press

Game Changing & Life Saving

Jillian seemed like a healthy 1-year-old—until the day she toppled over and couldn’t get up. Her right side was paralyzed, and a blank stare overtook her usually cheerful face. Tests eventually revealed she had a complex brain aneurysm. Without surgery, the growing aneurysm would rupture and

Jillian would die. But her blood vessels were too small, and her aneurysm too complex, to be repaired by conventional methods… Continue Reading 


My most memorable moment, as a mother, was when my daughter once said to me, prior to one of her surgeries in the pre-op room, that she would not be ready for surgery and feel at ease until she sees and speaks with Dr. Abdulrauf. Dr. Abdulrauf came into the pre-operative room and spoke with her just before surgery. She immediately looked at me, with a sense of peace, and said, “Now I am ready.” That statement alone displays the highest level of confidence and trust you can have in a neurosurgeon.”

Kenneth and Rebecca Krimmel

I would say to anyone that is faced with an operation of the magnitude, that you can be assured that there is NONE better than Dr. Saleem Abdulrauf. 

God has given Dr. Abdulrauf the skill, talent, and knowledge to perform His miracles. I know I feel like he worked a miracle for me. Thank you, Dr. Abdulrauf!

Debbie Miller

“Me and my family are truly grateful for Dr. Abdulrauf’s skill and ability to give me back my life. I feel I could not have received better results and care. I think Dr. Abdulrauf is the best brain surgeon in the country. Thank you so much.”

Marcella Mitchell


World Class Care

Dr. Abdulrauf is a world renowned neurosurgeon. His innovations the EC-IC bypass and craniotomy have improved outcomes for patients around the world. Please contact us for further information or to obtain a consultation (second opinion).


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