Successful Treatment Depends on Successful Diagnosis


Successful Treatment Depends on Successful Diagnosis

My most memorable moment, as a mother, was when my daughter once said to me, prior to one of her surgeries in the pre-op room, that she would not be ready for surgery and feel at ease until she sees and speaks with Dr. Abdulrauf. … That statement alone displays the highest level of confidence and trust you can have in a neurosurgeon.

~Kenneth and Rebecca Krimmel

What Is Craniopharyngioma?

Craniopharyngioma is a type of brain tumor that can affect both children and adults. It arises from the area of the Pituitary Gland at the base of the brain. It can invade the hypothalamus (a part of the brain in charge of regulating hormones) and the ventricles (fluid spaces inside the brain)


Treatment Options

Although Craniopharyngioma is not a malignant tumor but can require multiple treatments and long term follow up.

Professor Abdulrauf has one of the largest experiences in the world in treating Craniopharyngiomas. 

Our Patient

Success Stories

I have every confidence in Dr. Abdulrauf’s knowledge and performance as a neurosurgeon and his concern for me as an individual and my family as pertains to my care. Dr. Abdulrauf performed a successful life-giving surgery on me and my continuing follow ups with him make for a life of comfort with the remains (that of a bit of tumor on my carotid artery and optic nerve that has been stable for several years) of my pituitary macro adenoma. I know Dr. Abdulrauf is just a phone call away should I encounter any setback.

- Frances Harter


World Class Care

Dr. Abdulrauf is a world renowned neurosurgeon. His innovations the EC-IC bypass and craniotomy have improved outcomes for patients around the world. Please contact us for further information or to obtain a consultation (second opinion).


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